Here’s what happened with JBlock in December!

12/1: Staying pretty risk off still as the backlashes of FTX are rolling in by the day. Looking to stay in this stmatic trade while yields are still good.

12/10: Rolled rewards from Lido trade back into Aave position

12/15: Recompounded the beefy Yields back into the LP

12/30: Pretty chilled month again, not too many juicy yield opportunities but everything was still pretty calm. Nice way to end the year!

This month ended with ~2% yield, Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks for your time! — Juanbug



Here’s what happened with JBlock in September!

9/1: Staying in the stmatic/matic trade on Aave for now. Things are going good and yields are slowly converging so will look to exit somewhat soon if things don’t get better.

9/16: Relatively chill weeks once again. Claimed rewards from expired Quickswap pools and then re-lp’d into the Curve pool still providing rewards. Earning a nice 8% base or so currently.

9/30: Just like last month, not much has happened. In the same Delta neutral trade on Aave, Lido, Curve, Beefy as before. Risk on these platforms are still considered blue chips in my mind and the yield justifies the safer position.

Overall, another very safe and very chill month. Everything worked out pretty well and a nice ~9% APR for the month. Looking forward to keeping it up next month!



Here’s what happened with JBlock in August!

8/1: Stmatic/matic peg on polygon chain has once again repegged. A nice 1% profit initially to kick off the month. Looking to play this peg for at least another week or two until boosted lido emissions fall off.

8/16: Nice easy month so far. LDO boosted rewards have ended but were immediately renewed so staying in that farm

8/31: Man, chillest month yet since inception. Consistently farming the yield from Aave boosted rewards. Consistent 10%+ on ETH which I’ll take for any passive strat any day!

Let’s hope September stays just as chill.