JBlock Update #5: June Recap

Here’s what happened this month with JBlock!

6/1: After the markets have calmed down a bit, things are back as normal. Currently out of all algo pegs and mainly in the burrow farm using Aurora+ interest arbitrage right now. Things are going smoothly.

6/15: How this is going to be one of those months huh. A massive sell off. Overall from the fund’s standpoint, we have de-risked from all higher beta assets and are purely in eth right now. All rewards are compounding into eth.

6/30: Hopefully eth has bottomed in at this point, but overall from a fund perspective, everything is going smoothly. All rewards are compounded back into eth and we’re playing the Aurora+ game. Rates have decreased so am actively looking into new places to park funds right now; however Burrow is definitely a fine place to stay right now while everything cools down.

A pretty good final return, given so much drama happened this month. I’ll take it. Let’s hope for a calmer July!

Thanks for your time — Juanbug.


Thoughtfully Apeing in DeFi @pennblockchain

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