JBlock Update #6: July Recap

Here’s what happened with JBlock in July!

7/1: A nice fresh start after all the drama from last month. Currently in Aurora+ and Burrow as before, playing the Aurora interest rate arbitrage across the two platforms. Nice safe play to see how the market turns out. We are entirely in eth right now.

7/15: Things are going smoothly. Still continuously auto compounding the pools and then entering and exiting based on yields for Burrow and Aurora Plus. Rates going down slowly so will be looking to leave soon

7/25: Existed Burrow and Aurora by 50% and then 100%. Looking to deploy into interested arbitrage on Aave and stMATIC/MATIC soon.

7/28: Funds have completely been bridged out of Near and Burrow folding trade. Took a small hit in gas fees on ETH but have now completely bridged over to Matic. Currently staking ETH on Aave, and then borrowing Matic. LPing matic/stmatic on Curve and Quickswap and then staked into Beefy for the boosted Lido rewards. Good Aprs right now!

7/31: Nice end to the month. A small dip in stMatic peg caused the monthly results to dip down a couple percent. But as long as stmatic keeps it’s peg with Lido, everything should bounce back in the next three days max a withdrawls are slowly processed.

Overall, a pretty stale and monotonous July. Nothing too exciting innovation wise happening. A nice new rhythm with this stmatic/matic play on Lido matic.

Thanks for your time — Juanbug



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